The Aesthetic Physician Association of Malta (APAM) is committed to enhance, implement and ensure the highest level of aesthetics and non-invasive cosmetic medical practices for the benefit of medical practitioners and members of the public in Malta.

APAM was originally founded in November of 2016. The Association serves to set the right standards in Aesthetic Medicine in compliance with Maltese Law and European Union standards.

The Association represents its members in a unified manner, maintains standards of good and ethical practice in Aesthetic Medicine. The vision of the Association is to have more members wanting to join and unify with the goal of the Association which is to ensure uniform excellence in the care of clients in Malta.

The Values of the Association are those embraced by the modern medical professional and which are professed in the Applicable Law. The main values the Association are:-

1.      Highest Standards – The Association is determined to set appropriate standards and to promote the awareness of such standards, whether they are ethical, technical or commercial in nature. This will set the bar for all practitioners in Aesthetic Medicine.

2.      Consumer protection – The Association enhances consumer protection by informing consumers of Aesthetic Medicine of the limits, risks and standards that exist and that should be taken into account before making use of such procedures and products.

3.  Public Health and Safety – The association promotes the health of the general public by setting, upholding and when possible helping in enforcing standards as upheld by international practice, in compliance with Applicable Law thus ensuring  a standard with legal value.

The Association promotes public safety by supporting public authorities, in particular health authorities, in the dissemination of information and making standards available to everyone in the industry, collaborating with authorities who conduct checks and audits and report hazardous operations to the relevant authorities.

The Vision

The Aesthetic Physician Association of Malta (APAM) is committed to ensure the right medical professionals are trained and that they follow the right procedures and clear-cut approach with safety in mind. The demand for Aesthetic Medicine procedures is rapidly growing and this is why there is the need to standardize procedures. Unfortunately, many untrained practitioners are performing aesthetic procedures without acquiring the proper training, knowledge, certification and the depth and level of experience that this discipline deserves.

It is the aim of the Association to improve the safety and ethical practice of Aesthetic Medicine through education, support and the right provisions. This will ensure that the highest professional standards are available for the public.