Statement from The Aesthetic Physician Association of Malta (APAM)

On behalf of all APAM (Aesthetic Physician Association of Malta) members, we, would like to issue the following statement on Aesthetic Surgeries done abroad.

Though Aesthetic Surgeries do not fall under our remit, we have, in the past few months, been inundated with queries from our patients about doing Aesthetic surgeries abroad, were many times the prices are extremely attractive.

We would like to make it clear, that we are neither here nor there on this issue, but having the patients’ best interest at heart, we would like our patients to reflect on the following points before going ahead and booking such an important life event.

  1. Price

Price is, and always will be an issue. However, one has to keep in mind that if at times the price is too good to be true, it usually is.

Always ask why the price is cheaper. What is being compromised.

If one is convinced that nothing is being compromised, go ahead, everybody loves a good price.

  1. Licencing

Always check that the doctor/hospital doing the surgery have all the necessary licences. This can very easily be checked by a simple Google search.

Same should be done to any doctor practising in Malta. Always check they are registered with The Medical Council, thus ensuring the highest possible care and standards possible.

  1. Standards

Always check that the doctor/hospital doing the surgery adheres to high standards. Feedback and criticism from past patients are extremely helpful.

  1. Aftercare

Aftercare is of the utmost importance, especially in major surgeries. Always check that you will receive the best aftercare especially when going abroad. If need be, prolong the stay abroad, so that any problems that may arise after surgery, will be given adequate time to be taken care of.

  1. Complications

Always be aware, that even the best of the best DO have complications. The difference between a good doctor and an excellent one lies in the way one deals with complications. Always check the complication rates and the way that doctor deals with complications.

And here lies the problem of doing major surgeries abroad. In the case of complications occurring after one returns to Malta, the doctor who did the surgery, cannot be reached.

Thus, to all our patients, please think carefully before you book any surgery. This is an important decision. Choose wisely and always inform yourself properly.

Dr. Jason Debono - President

Dr. Joanna Delia - General Secretary

Dr. Charlene Scicluna - Treasurer

Dr. Tyron Pillow

Dr. Anna Maria Fenech Magrin

Dr. David Grech