BOtulinum TOXin and Fillers are two of the most sought after cosmetic medical treatments locally. They have become more accessible and the general public has a better understanding of what the treatments entail. Whilst such treatments are seen to ‘beautify’ and ‘enhance’ one’s appearance, lines are sometimes blurred in the public’s perception of what is considered as a beauty treatment and what is really a medical treatment, albeit one designed to enhance personal appearance. The second this happens, a pandora’s box full of complications, risks and mistrust in Aesthetic Medicine is opened.

Why does it have to be a Doctor to inject some filler in my lip? Why does it have to be a Doctor to plump up my cheeks? Answer - Because it is not just about plumping a bit of volume or shaping here and there ! It is so much more than that. In the face and scalp, there are 27 artery and vein structures, 42 muscles and nerves supplying the whole system. Whilst you may just see a pair of gorgeous lips, the Doctor injecting your filler is making a mental note of all the structures which are invisible to the naked eye. The Doctor is using his extensive knowledge of anatomy to avoid dangerous structures and avoid serious complications. The Doctor is keeping in mind how the muscles work in order to avoid creating drooping and excessive weakening of such structures causing unwanted complications.

Another important fact that one should keep in mind is that not everyone has textbook anatomical structures. The phrase ‘we are all unique’ does not apply just for the outer appearance, it also applies to what’s underneath. Whilst the risks of undergoing such treatments in the hand of experienced Doctors is minimal, on rare occasions, one may experience a complication which needs to be treated. Such complications sometimes require swift medical treatment in the form of injected and/or oral medication and also close review of other symptoms that may arise. That moment is when one would have wished to not just look at a cheaper cost, but at proper qualifications and experience.

It is the knowledge that is ingrained in a Medical Doctor that will manage a complication from becoming very serious and not a ‘one-day seminar’ that awards one a certificate of attendance. Aesthetic Medicine treatments are not beauty treatments. They are safe treatments aimed to improve one’s appearance only when administered by qualified Doctors.

Would you visit someone claiming to be a dental expert just because he/she has attended some short seminar claiming to have taught them how to fill a tooth, or a properly qualified dentist who has invested years of his/her life to become a proper expert in their field?

Never risk your health for a bargain. Choose a fully qualified, registered and properly trained Medical Doctor for your cosmetic treatments.